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All costs associated with HHT, including centrally billed airfare, are taxable. Similarly, if you are attending a DoD-approved transition assistance seminar, you may use military air transportation, if available. At delivery- Review and sign the Notification for Loss and Damage at Delivery Form given to you by the delivery crew. startxref Permissive TDY (PTDY) is not the same as TDY. When must my house hunting trip be completed? 0000002033 00000 n Gul^>#.W $7: GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. But if you've been in for more than one tour, your life is about to change substantially. Purpose. You may also lose the ability to file any loss or damage claims with your branch of Service's Military Claims Office. The member may be authorized 30 days excess leave without 10 days PTDY. endstream endobj 419 0 obj <>stream Leave granted in conjunction with COT is ordinary (chargeable) leave. Personnel being discharged or released from active service as involuntary separatees under honorable conditions may receive up to 30 days of leave, or transition PTDY up to 10 days, as required, to facilitate relocation. COT leave may not be combined with other leave, pass, or administrative absence except for administrative absence for. <> When separate trips are taken, the total days used cannot exceed the allowable number of days. Permanently increase standard TLE maximum coverage from 10 to 14 days for CONUS moves and allow up to 60 days of TLE if a Service member is in a specified Military Housing Area with a housing shortage. Travel, on your own terms and your own schedule, can help restore your sense of self. %PDF-1.4 % If a claim is filed directly with the TSP within 9 months of delivery, then the TSPs maximum liability on each domestic HHG is: $6.00 times the net weight of the HHG shipment, or gross weight of the UB shipment, in pounds, not to exceed $75,000, whichever is greater. 6c(10) and 6c(11). :7c#a~N7gAC2#-I@G;0Z^8}D 7P8 ?8JR Privately-Owned Vehicles: When you separate or retire from military service, you drive or ship your vehicle(s) at your own expense, just like with many Continental United States (CONUS) PCS moves. %PDF-1.5 Avoid scheduling lease termination or house sale closing on the same date your HHG are to be packed, picked up, or delivered. Block 1: Payment: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is mandatory. Travel days, PTDY, and any additional leave you plan to take on the way. Increase the Dislocation Allowance (DLA) for E-1 to E-6 Service members, to further help offset personal expenses for PCS moves. Blocks 12: Complete for spouse only, as children are not authorized per diem on a HHT*** Note: Mark accompanied if you and your spouse traveled together, mark unaccompanied if you and your spouse did not travel together. You will submit your final offer acceptances into DPS to complete the process. Permissive TDY. Defense Military Pay Office(DMPO) Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 . Terms of Use You can accept or make a counter offer for each item listed. This benefit is for military members being involuntarily separated under honorable conditions, or retiring from active duty. This article defines eligibility to use PTDY, the length of PTDY, and travel and 25 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9D7F08EABA6FB61581582FFBF1DFF469>]/Index[18 12]/Info 17 0 R/Length 55/Prev 498884/Root 19 0 R/Size 30/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Block 14: Indicate whether your household goods have been shipped. New appointees and employees assigned under the Government Employees Training Act (5 U.S.C. x] TGf` RC @x@ >c\xk ou}}&6US}03tzjFuZ@``}lq&GHJJj0Omm-~9o6sk;-}zOZNDwI$b+*:JDYrssD tp 4S%|r_,8q:9F:imSt!d=Vhv*]LXJ eb*W."Y /uP5=CRAsrj^ ^y3&z dC?KdyP)D./2B#omGx!8F^G5~i4C dqKO; 2C@K9ZlK"#pzw a4G7Zxl-#OwMK"PZ/u)|zD.bMc:-ez8OrKER!A0:BO=rXEzn[g).\cyy9=?Ht[I"}qJ6x%w Qe]'d$D2x@&2qb>ER@O-/g.8I|]$ZGoi+4el=[S_]7Gq NK%7=smL]V\)U)$==D?MJ tC{e:=Dt]r 8Tt@rS||43HOO'0sMZ%4;p( . Failing to comply with Service requirements of the program may limit payment or result in complete denial of your claim. A House Hunting trip must be completed by your spouse the day before your family relocates to your new official station and before your allowable travel time expires, typically within one year of your report date. The spouse of an eligible involuntary separatee or a retiree may take one round trip on a military aircraft for house and job hunting on a space-available basis. Permissive temporary duty and accrued leave a. RA Soldiers separating due to disability may be authorized PTDY. This article may not be republished, rebroadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without written permission. Block 12c: List the date of marriage for spouse. )L^6 g,qm"[Z[Z~Q7%" Please sign-in to share/encourage/support the BLUF Military Benefits Community forum below. What to expect from your Transportation Service Provider (TSP). 0E2'p(b\GAZR,&Tp7 B)9*IRsg)GPh7h&g5 Jbteg HHG in a members possession needed for the performance of official duties at the next or a later destination. Block 15a: Date: List the year the travel was conducted in the top box Grenoble is rich in museums and historic landmarks with its Place Notre-Dame, a 13th-century cathedral, the Muse de l'Ancien vch and Fontaine des Trois Ordres, which commemorates the 1788 events leading to the French Revolution. If your estimated and declared PBP&E/Pro-Gear weighs 1,000 pounds or less, there will be no additional approval or review of your declared PRO-Gear and it may be included and packed with the rest of your HHG. This article replaces NAVADMIN 109/92, NAVADMIN 123/93, and NAVADMIN 078/95. Block 12a: List the last name, first name, and middle initial of spouse. (1) Involuntarily separated (10 days) per reference (a), paras. hb``d``:(A,6;=)ZB@b) *L",,XbY3Xp2P_8"6s30/.L@4 H3? ?FMvL6H7s3s`.L;+YF# Technically it ends when you get the house. Effective 29 March 2018 # Soldiers will no longer be required to visit the Housing Services Office to receive a Permissive TDY stamp on their DA Form 31 for house hunting purposes. To apply for Government, privatized, or community housing, use DD Form 1747 (Application for and Assignment to Housing). Army personnel will not need to have their DA-31 stamped by the HSO. Any PTDY authorized once a Soldier has cleared post, will be limited to 20 consecutive days to include weekends. Block 21: Would be required for an after the fact entitlement, such as excess baggage approval. More posts you may like r/army Join 3 days ago First Field Grade Article 15 633 192 r/army If your reimbursement is less than the amount requested, then the whole reimbursement will be applied to the Government Travel Card. Provide the following at time of counseling: Personally Procured Move (PPM) , formerly called Do It Yourself (DITY). PERMISSIVE TEMPORARY DUTY (PTDY) FOR HOUSE HUNTING Responsible Office OPNAV (N130) Phone: DSN COM E-mail: 664-5476 . Block 13: List the address where your spouse was residing at the time PCS orders were received. Please visit our Space-A page to learn more*. Please visit our, Each service dictates its own PTDY program that may expand on the standard benefit, To perform emergency duties as members of the, To participate in events, activities, or gatherings which have been pre-approved by HQ AFRS/CC because of potential, positive impact on the Air Force recruiting mission, To travel to a DoD Laser Center for Refractive Surgery, including Laser-In-SituKeratomileusis (, other official or semi-official programs of the Army, meetings (scientific, professional, or technical, participate in or provide essential support to participants in sports, The overall Navy regulation for admin absences is, The intent of permissive temporary duty (PTDY) is to authorize service members time away from their assigned duties to assist with, transition activities such as job and house hunting. Block 11: Employees new duty station address where employee is being assigned (See DD Form1614 Block 8). Standard policy for approval is at your commanding officer level (Lt Col or above). U.S. Transcom provides an Its Your Move Guide to assist Service members in understanding allowances and responsibilities during the packing, shipping and storage of household goods. Moving Services and Transportation - Moving services cannot be arranged using the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). h266Q0Pw/+Q0L)66 )I(B)KRYZlg` %PDF-1.5 % Travel to any location within the U.S. a retiree is planning to reside after retiring may be claimed. endobj %"q,?>vL7` 9C#2A1s~>edoWx*. 39 0 obj <>stream A lump sum payment is given to the employee based on the applicable locality per diem rate multiplied by 6.25 for employee and spouse or 5.00 for only one person performing the HHT. When you are ready to search for a post-separation job or housing you may be eligible for authorized PTDY. 0000003932 00000 n Block 16: POC Mileage Own/Operate must be checked to be reimbursed for mileage 29 0 obj <>stream The latitude of Grenoble, the Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes, France is 45.171547, and the longitude is 5.722387.Grenoble, the Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes, France is located at France country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 45 10' 17.5692'' N and 5 43' 20.5932'' E. Block 8: Order/Authorization number which is listed on the original orders (See DD Form1614 Block 25). Both the old and new Permanent Duty Station (PDS) must be located in the United States or in a non-foreign OCONUS location like Alaska or Puerto Rico. Dependents may accompany at your expense. Put all nuts, bolts, and screws from a disassembled item in a bag and attach securely to the item, Mark each carton to show general contents, Prepare an accurate and legible inventory, Obtain approval from the TO prior to loading on the tailgate of the moving van, Remove all excess packing material from your residence. Do not forget the date in Block 20B, even if it is in your digital signature. %%EOF For moves outside the U.S. you will be responsible for any additional cost above what it would have cost to move you within the contiguous 48 states. hbbd``b`*@)" q#BFq? KO~}zP] 1-#`rBtVV.50@03a>EP|*c7y[s EP)!a/FVtaUY <]>> hbbd```b``3@$}y+@$-L[0LH("`CA$'.dfo1`.il{HqI0Wots=4!Cg`x` 4 endstream endobj 23 0 obj <>stream Excess baggage is approved or IBA is authorized for the purchase of airfare. At the very least use the days to set up the house, utilities, furniture, whatever if you get house before day 10. Block 20c-f: Reviewers signature and date signed. 4 0 obj Yes, the reimbursement is limited to $250 unless specifically approved by AO on Form 1351-2 Block 22 with AO signature in Block 21. How to Use the '5 Things Strategy' to Power Up Your Resume. May my spouse and I perform separate house hunting trips at Government expense? (1) Involuntarily separated (10 days) per reference (a), paras. %%EOF 418 0 obj <>stream Attendance at meetings sponsored by recognized non-Federal technical, scientific, professional medical, professional dental, professional legal, and professional ecclesiastical societies and organizations, when the meetings bear a direct relationship to the member's professional background or primary military duties and clearly enhance the Marine's value to the Marine Corps. He or she does not have to be accompanied by a military spouse. Being financially prepared for transition is critical, especially if you're facing a long job search ahead. @ For a detailed guide on how to complete the DD 1351-2 click here. 10 0 obj Travel Settlement - Retirees have 1 year after retirement or 4 yearly written extension requests to transportation settlement. All rights reserved. Block 18: List any reimbursable expenses such as airfare, rental car, tolls, etc. (If he or she traveled on the dates indicted in block 15). endstream Reimbursement includes travel and transportation expenses for you and/or your spouse, together or individually, for one round trip between the old and new . endobj 6c(11). RC Soldiers are not authorized PTDY. endobj Blocks 6a-6d: Valid mailing address. Submit your requests at the Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO). If you have not scheduled your final delivery before your entitlement expires, you will be personally responsible for any additional storage costs. endstream endobj 241 0 obj <. Squadron CCs may still approve PTDY up to the designated number of days listed in Table 4.5. 0000000745 00000 n Commercial products for sale/resale used in conducting business, Furniture of any kind even though used in connection with (ICW) the PBP&E (e.g., bookcases, study/computer desks, file cabinets, and racks), Personal computer equipment and peripheral devices, Memorabilia, including awards, plaques, or other objects presented for past performance (includes any type of going-away gifts, office decorations, pictures, etc. <> 0fuz@+xaZ@Mxe Nh;: -)>8\;*=h[H/)MC!.+0>p*,r#C.6a|De).R/>aK0Dg4w}\V>)InE`z $(U9 ~ _S?)^I&c\P^$>g_ef1Cy/Zhm-ej[BMy/TFy!mA$;H{C[H&1U/AS$e5)_qRelGCVFvHnHlz5Zb`zfJ_ Hoh07UUm}EZ"WLm;*uTG(gc _?a/>n3(A nbq6wEFRUUdj-TDgCzTw(jnQ@==:VD{ZDNJ List 0.00 if you have not received any payments. endstream endobj 29 0 obj <>>>/Filter/Standard/O(X\(}Vh]"|0*)/P -1324/R 4/U(}`\)At e r 3 / 3 5 0 )/V 4/StrF/StdCF/StmF/StdCF>> endobj 30 0 obj <> endobj 31 0 obj <> endobj 32 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 33 0 obj <> endobj 34 0 obj <> endobj 35 0 obj <> endobj 36 0 obj <>stream <> 2 0 obj This site contains information about GI Bill benefits, VA loans, news and services for military veterans and is not connected with any government agency. If your estimated and declared PBP&E/Pro-Gear weighs more than 1,000 pounds, your Service may review your declaration and items at their discretion outside of DPS. Signature date must be the same day or after the traveler. Accessibility/Section 508 <> Pack mirrors, pictures, and glass tabletops in specially designed cartons, Wrap and protect all finished surfaces from marring or scratching; use furniture pads. What do I need to have to be reimbursed for my airfare? These cartons must be marked PBP&E/PRO Gear, weighed separately, and listed on the inventory form. The intent of permissive temporary duty (PTDY) is to authorize servicemembers time away from their assigned duties to assist with transition activities such as job and house hunting. cc: U.S. Army Future Soldier Family, Navy Housing, Army Family and MWR Programs, Fort Belvoir Housing Services Office, Fort Huachuca Housing Services Office . For household good shipments picked up after May 15, 2020 instead of submitting receipts for the first 7 days of meals you have the option to receive 100% reimbursement of the local per diem for meals and incidental expenses. You may appoint your spouse or an agent to act on your behalf. Unlike some PCS moves, you are only allowed ONE of the following options: Long term storage (NTS) at origin (the location where you were last stationed) for up to 180 days for separating members, and one year for retirees. Do you have enough time? FRID1875 5 yr. ago Thanks! Begin delivery between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (2) Retired (20 days). 3R `j[~ : w! You must claim airfare in block 18 of the 1351-2, submit a complete flight itinerary and paid in full receipt, and your orders (DD Form 1614) must state IBA Authorized or Personally Procured Airfare Authorized.. endobj Leave: Submit a DA Form 31 if you wish to take leave in conjunction with a PCS. Yes, however, your reimbursement will be limited to the cost that would have been incurred if you and your spouse had traveled together on one round trip. 0000001264 00000 n Now backwards plan from that date. Housing Services Office Effective 29 March 2018 Soldiers will no longer be required to visit the Housing Services Office to receive a Permissive TDY stamp on their DA Form 31 for house. Notable opportunities are (but not limited to): To attend national conventions hosted by service connected organizations, To perform emergency duties as members of the Civil Air Patrol, To attend Civil Air Patrol encampments, drill competitions, conferences, To participate or train in sports, recreation and talent events officially conducted or sponsored by elements of the Air Force, inter-Service organizations, or DoD, or to participate in regional, national, or international sports events pre-approved by HQ AFSVA/SVPAF, To participate in events, activities, or gatherings which have been pre-approved by HQ AFRS/CC because of potential positive impact on the Air Force recruiting mission as part of the We Are All Recruiters (WEAR) Program, My wife used this to fly in The Air Race Classic (All Women's air race), To travel to a DoD Laser Center for Refractive Surgery, including Laser-In-SituKeratomileusis (LASIK) or Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) , Members must reference Army Regulation 600810, Authorized by Commanders (Lt Col or above) and when the absence is 10 days or less, For career management (absence to discuss career management and review personnel records), To participate in other official or semi-official programs of the Army provided that - Participation in the program will enhance the Soldiers value to the Army including but not limited to completing educational licensing requirements leading to a professional degree, To attend meetings (scientific, professional, or technical), To participate in or provide essential support to participants in sports, recreation, or talent events -The event must be officially conducted and sponsored by the Army, The overall Navy regulation for admin absences isMILPERSMAN 1050-270, For PTDY - members should reference MILPERSMAN 1320-220, The intent of permissive temporary duty (PTDY) is to authorize service members time away from their assigned duties to assist with transition activities such as job and house hunting, Members stationed in the continental United States (CONUS) may receive up to a total of 10 or 20 days transition PTDY depending on whether they are being. While the military does not cover your house hunting expenses, they do give you "permissive leave" (up to 10 days) to conduct the trip. If you were living on base and your housing agreement requires you to move out of government quarters before you can determine your Home of Selection (HOS), you are authorized a short distance HHG move from the government quarters to a local temporary residence in the vicinity of the vacated quarters. Retiring or Separating from Overseas: Taking Permissive TDY, Terminal Leave / Transitional Leave for House Hunting Back in the United States Each branch of the service provides a specific set of procedures to help people who are getting ready to retire or separate from the military. xref Mail your Settlement Travel/PPM Vouchers for Separations and Retirements Travel Vouchers (DD Form 1351-2) to: DFAS-ROME Travel Operations 325 Brooks Road Rome, NY 13441 Fax: 317-275-0277. You and or your designated representative along with the delivery TSP sign this form. Reference: Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) . Block 3: Grade of the Employee. Documents to include when claiming entitlements: Complete set of orders and all amendments, Taxes shown as a separate item on receipt, Proof of payment (marked paid or amount due $0.00). The proper designation of these items and the exclusion of the weight can be very important. The spouse of an eligible involuntary separatee or a retiree may take one round trip on a military aircraft for house and job hunting on a space-available basis. By "Permissive TDY" that means there is no transportation or per diem paid, but members are not charged for . Each service dictates its own PTDY program that may expand on the standard benefit. The minimum excess cost is approximately $100.00 per hundred pounds over the maximum weight allowance. Table 4.5 lists authorized PTDY opportunities. Protect appliances against damage while in transit. And the 20-plus years you've spent in uniform mean you have a highly sought-after skill set in the civilian world. *NOTE* If you are driving more than 250 miles, your Approving Official must provide a cost construct clearly indicating it is more advantageous to drive than fly. 3. Skills fostered in the military make you uniquely qualified for entry-level management positions. 3 0 obj . There is something called Permissive TDY that can be used for house hunting in connection with a new assignment or in conjunction with outprocessing from military service. Split Disbursement: If you would like funds applied directly to your Government Travel Card, place an x in the block and indicate the dollar amount to be applied. The approving authority for PTDY of ten days is an LTC or above, if more than 10 days, COL or above. This local move does not count as your retirement move, but you will need a memo from the garrison housing office providing the funding citation to be used for the move. tqX)I)B>== 9. After settlement with the TSP, if the FRV settlement exceeds the amount paid by the military claims Service to the member, the member receives the difference. PBP&E is limited to 2,000 pounds net weight and does not include personal computers and accompanying equipment, and/or awards presented for significant contributions while performing official duties . An Inconvenience Claim is paid by the TSP when they fail to meet the required pickup and delivery dates for your PCS. Log on to DPS and click on Start my Loss and Damage Report. Download the DP3 Shipment Inconvenience Claim Form and contact your Transportation Office is you believe you are owed an Inconvenience claim. Qf Ml@DEHb!(`HPb0dFJ|yygs{. Next, within 9 months from the delivery date you must file a claim with DPS. If I am filing a claim for Lump Sum house hunting, am I required to provide any receipts? 0000001038 00000 n Moving allowance is based on the Service members rank and dependency status at the time of retirement. Up to an additional 30 days accrued leave may be authorized per reference (a), para. Some commanders will sign PTDY leave forms at your losing unit, some will require your gaining unit to sign it. The excess leave option is not available for retirees. *You may be authorized Space-A travel. 0 <> It is for house hunting. It should be conducted prior to the first day of packing. The military has the authority to grant members being discharged or involuntarily separated from active duty PTDY as follows: The regulations vary by service, for example some services authorize PTDY for members separating due to high-year tenure, some do not. For direct claims settlement between member and TSP: Claims must be filed with the TSP first to maintain full replacement value (FRV) eligibility. ), Table service, including flatware (including serving pieces), dishes (including serving pieces, salvers, and their heating units), other utensils, and glassware. The PPM program allows you to personally move HHG and either be reimbursed up to the Governments cost or to collect an incentive payment from the Government. Housing Services Office Location: BLDG T-0070 Carter Road (Corner of Pleasonton and Carter) Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Closed every 3rd Thursday of the month from Noon. 0000000536 00000 n I-P(` N In other words, if 10 days are authorized and the employee uses 7, the spouse is limited to 3. 6 0 obj Government- or uniformed service-owned accountable Organizational Clothing and Individual Clothing property issued to the employee or member by the Service/DoD component for official use. Department of DefenseDepartment of Veterans AffairsMilitary Employment VerificationWarrior Care WebsiteDefense Contract Mgmt Agency DoD Forms hb```e``f .@cE 8L `c` d@0; Oag`@ \@ % Grenoble, the Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes, France Lat Long Coordinates Info. The purpose of transition PTDY is to facilitate a Soldier's transition into civilian life and to conduct job and house hunting activities in accordance with AR 600-8-10, paragraph 5-32. {~$? In other words, in contrast to a standard TDY in which you are reimbursed transportation fares, hotel costs, and a daily per diem rate, you incur all those costs while on P-TDY. Blocks 23 28: These blocks are not used for HHT. Separating and/or retiring members with extra leave. 12 0 obj endstream endobj startxref Normally one permissive residence hunting TAD is authorized per PCS move but the commanding officer of the continental United States (CONUS) activities and afloat units, staffs and mobile units when in CONUS, may authorize an additional residence hunting authorization in CONUS. Pack all designated PBP&E in separate boxes. Itemized, paid in full receipts are required. To estimate weight of your personal belongings use a weight estimator calculator. Information on excess cost. If you both performed a HHT, but you did not travel together, complete 2 separate DD1351-2s, one for each of you. The TSP secures moving parts that, if allowed to move in transit, could damage the appliance, Use new, clean packing materials for linen, clothing, and bedding. Overages are the Service members financial responsibility. There are no mileage, per diem, or "inability to drive" allowances. $E}kyhyRm333: }=#ve Any unused balance belongs to the employee. Students may be authorized to take Permissive TDY to house hunt as part of their PCS leave from their losing unit. The Muse de Grenoble, right in the heart of the city, has an astonishing collection of 900 works of fine . The intent of house hunting permissive temporary duty (PTDY) authorization, as stated in reference (a), is to permit Service members time away from . If you travel by any other mode(s), your agency will pay your transportation expenses not to exceed the cost of transportation by the authorized mode(s). Your old and new official stations are 75 or more miles apart (as measured by map distance) via a usually traveled surface route. AR 600-8-10 paragraph 5-35G states: "Transition PTDY may be used in increments (not to exceed days as authorized in . Personnel Force InnovationFreedom of Information ActDFAS HotlineContact Us Accessibility / Section 508EEO / No Fear Act, An official website of the United States government, Providing payment services for the U.S. Department of Defense, Civilian Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Submitting your advance or settlement voucher, Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expenses (TQSE), Movement and Storage of Household Goods (HHG), Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Drop off and/or pick up, DD Form 1351-2 (Travel Voucher/Sub Voucher), Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Chapter 5, Part F, Section 0540, Return to "About the Civilian PCS Entitlement Guide, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - Everything needs to be covered on a DA31. 6 Reasons to Finish Your Military Career with Travel, 5 Tips to Help You Break into Entry-Level Management. To reprint or license this article or any content from, please submit your request. First you must give written notice to the TSP that you intend to file a claim you can do this ether at delivery or afterwards. Paid, itemized receipts for lodging and any reimbursable expense $75 or more, Copy of airfare receipt to include itinerary, ticket information, and itemized amount paid. Verify your free subscription by following the instructions in the email sent to: Search the largest free Veteran Job board to find jobs with veteran-friendly companies. This will take effect in October 2022. Who is not eligible for a house hunting trip expenses allowance? Participation in other official or semi-official programs of the Marine Corps, for which funded TAD is not appropriate, which will enhance the Marine's value to the Marine Corps or the Marine's understanding of the Marine Corps and the Marine's relationship to it. After you have sent your voucher, check your claim status online at: Look at your report date. Yes, if your Lump Sum house hunting amount covers your house hunting expenses, any balance belongs to you. Block 2: Name: Last name, first name, and middle initial of Employee. The TSPs representative must provide a copy of this form. Begin packing/pickup between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 240 0 obj <> endobj 300 0 obj <>stream Travel Advances : Retirees can receive 80% of travel entitlement amount. The following items are considered PBP&E/Pro-Gear: Reference material not ordinarily available at the next Permanent Duty Station (PDS), Instruments, tools, and equipment peculiar to technicians, mechanics, and members of the professions, Specialized clothing such as diving suits, astronauts suits, flying suits and helmets, band uniforms, chaplains vestments, and other specialized apparel not normal or usual uniform or clothing, Communications equipment used by a member in association with the Military Affiliated Radio System, Individually owned or specially issued field clothing and equipment. The military has the authority to grant members being . Block 15b: Place: Enter a specific location to include City and State, a Fort, or a City and Countrydo not enter HOR Both your old and new official stations are located within the United States; You are not assigned to Government or other prearranged housing at your new official station; and. <> Name (s) in local language (s): Mine des Chalanches, Allemont, Isre, Rhne-Alpes, France. At the heart of the fertile land of Limagne and the pastures of the Massif Central, the Clermont-Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes Centre is one of the institute's historic sites, with cutting-edge research in key sectors of agriculture, environment and food: preventive human nutrition, cereals, product quality, territories, livestock farming, robotics applied to agriculture, tree functioning, etc. huntingdon police news,

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